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We truly believe a bride and groom's wedding day ranks top 3 for most memorable days of their life.

A day like that with precious moments deserves to be captured. That means the bride and groom deserve to choose exactly how their story is told.

Meet The Team

Blake and Katie
[and Ranger]

Hey there. We're Blake and Katie! Despite going to school together and living about a mile apart, we didn't "meet" until we were 21 years old.

Katie was the volleyball/basketball star (she's 6' 5" tall) and I (Blake) kept to myself in the high school shop class like a hermit. Our paths finally crossed one day at a concert we attended with our respective families (my dad was dating her aunt....). Long story short, they ended up breaking up and Katie and I ended up getting married, so it worked out.

1 month into dating, I was diagnosed with cancer and was faced with some obstacles. All that sucked pretty bad, but Katie stuck around through it all, even though she had barely known me a month.

Fast forward to now... we're pushing 30 and still just as in love as we were when we met, if not more. We spend our free time raising goats, playing frisbee with Ranger, riding four-wheelers, singing, and eating Mexican. Its a pretty great life...

We didn't have a video of our wedding, though, and that was something we regretted after the fact. All of that ultimately led to us creating Township 9 Productions, so that we get to tell other peoples stories through our wedding films.

let us show you what great memories look like...

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